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Séance du 21/03/2021

A PARTIR DU DOCUMENT déjà utilisé nous avons produit les phrases suivantes :

What do they do at 6 in the morning ?

What does she do at the same time ? She is still asleep .

She has breakfast at half past eight ( 8.30) ; what does she have for breakfast ?

Does she drink tea or coffee ?

She never drinks coffee because she does not like it whereas the architect always drinks coffee : he loves it !

She doesn’t like it // she hates it // She can’t stand it ( Elle ne supporte pas )

Where does Ingrid have lunch ?

She sometimes haS lunch at the school restaurant but most of the time she has a lunch box ( her mother prepares her sandwiches before leaving for work ( = before leaving home )

SEANCE du 28/03

Compréhension orale ( A BRITISH GIRL )

Après avoir listé les éléments à identifier en priorité , nous avons produit les phrases suivantes

Let me tell you about the girl of the interview

She is a British teenager who lives in a historic town in the North of England called Otley .She lives with her parents and 2 brothers . Her father works in an office , he can be a secretary and her mother works in a school so she is probably A teacher .Her first brother named Stephen is A gardener and the second is an apprentice chef .

She doesn’t have a job , she goes to school and every day she wears a uniform and walks there with her best friend named Beatrice .

She enjoys horse riding , dancing and cycling so I think she is sporty

Compréhension orale

Après écoute de l’interview et repérage des infos listées =

The boy of the interview is an Australian student who lives in Sydney , the biggest city of Australia . He lives with his parents in a big house

A ) They have a pool

B) They’ve got a pool


A) Do they have a backyard ?

B) Have they got a backyard ?

A) Does he have( any) pets ?

B) Has he got any pets ? He has got a dog but he doesn’t say / give its name = we don’t know its name .

He has a brother but no sister = he hasn’t got any sisters .

He goes to a school for boys where they wear a uniform .

When they wear a uniform , they have ( got ) a red and blue tie . ( They’ve got black shoes )

he doesn’t say how old he is so we don’t know .


Sur le modèle : What does Mark do ? He is A chemist

Posez une question sur chacune des images et répondez y .

Faire des phrases sur le modèle : ( relier le job au bon verbe !)

A chemist is someone who sells medicines

THE BODY –> Faire une descrition physique

HAND = 5 fingers

Thumb // forefinger/ middle finger / ring finger / little finger

Expression ! A little bird told me ( Mon petit doight m’a dit )

** Give me as much information as possible + a physical description of the person on the photo ( chacun avait une photo Ex Kate /

Kate has long hair …. she is married , HER husband is William

Kate’s first son is the future king of England